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Garage Door Repair Norman OK

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Garage Door Repair Near Norman OK

If you’re a homeowner, garage door repair is an important service in Norman, OK. Chances are, your garage door is in use around 5 times a day, which adds up quickly over time. Garage door hardware is susceptible to extreme stress, which results in damage. Most commonly, garage door springs snap, openers malfunction, and garage door cables fall off their drums. 

When there are garage door repair issues at your home, it’s important to have a trustworthy garage door company to turn to. At The Garage Door Company, our professional technicians are well trained in providing garage door repair in Norman, OK. With years of experience handling door repair projects, we’re confident that we’re the best team for the job.


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Our Garage Door Repair Services

The service professionals at The Garage Door Company are passionate about offering quality garage door repair near Norman, OK. Our number one goal with each door repair project is to offer exceptional customer service alongside expert workmanship. We constantly strive to stay up to date on the best products, methods, and practices in the garage door industry. Here are our residential garage door repair services:

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What Our Customers Say

I highly recommend and will definitely use The Garage Door Company again.

Garage Door Repair
I had a spring break on my garage door. A friend of mine recommended The Garage Door Company. I called and Jason was super friendly and said he could repair it sometime between 1 and 3 PM. He arrived an hour later and fixed my garage door and was very professional and very reasonable on price. I highly recommend and will definitely use The Garage Door Company again.
- John F.

We will never use anyone else.

Garage Door Repair
Quick service, honest owner, and reasonable prices. What else could you ask for? Got our garage door fixed for way less than I thought it would cost. We will never use anyone else.
- Sandra I.

The best choice in Oklahoma!

Garage Door Repair
We love The Garage Door Company and there is nobody else we would trust for our service and repair needs! If you want the job done right and done professionally then the garage door company is the best choice in Oklahoma!
- Sociallutions Media Group

If you begin experiencing an issue with your garage door, we’ll come to provide a thorough inspection to find the problem and conduct the appropriate garage door repairs near you. When you have problems arise with your garage door, it’s important to schedule garage door repair as soon as possible. If you wait, it’s likely that your garage door will incur further damage, which will cost extra time and money to repair. Look out for these signs that you need Norman OK garage door repair

  • Garage door won’t open or close.
  • Garage door remotes won’t work.
  • Garage door moves extremely slow.
  • Garage door reverses automatically.
  • Garage door only moves a couple of inches.
  • Garage door makes strange, grinding noises.
  • Garage door moves at an angle.
  • Garage door has loose or fallen cables.
  • Garage door springs are elongated.

Pay attention to the condition of your garage door. If you notice strange noises, abnormal movement, or fallen parts, it’s time to schedule garage door repair Norman OK.

Garage Door Maintenance Norman OK

Garage door maintenance is a great way to keep your garage door in good condition. The best way to follow through with maintenance is to schedule a garage door tune up. During a tune up, a service technician will conduct a thorough check of your garage door and clean, lubricate, and tighten garage door hardware. A door balance test will also be performed to ensure that your garage door is balanced correctly. We recommend scheduling at least one garage door tune up a year at your home in Norman, OK.

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Offering Same Day Garage Door Repair Norman OK

The Garage Door Company is proud to offer same day garage door repair in Norman OK. Our service technicians are prompt and professional, ready to come when you call. We treat you and your home with respect and are prepared to offer efficient, accurate garage door service. Contact us today to schedule your garage door repair Norman OK!

Garage door springs are an important piece of hardware that allows the garage door to move. Springs take on the weight of the door, which leads to extreme wear and tear. When a spring snaps, it’s important to schedule garage door spring repair quickly. 

Typically, insurance will not cover garage door repair unless it can be proved that it was accidental. This could include weather damage or a car accident that damages garage door panels.

Yes, we do! Check out our specials page

If you have a stuck garage door, it’s likely an issue with the garage door springs or opener. Ensure you’re not experiencing electrical problems. If not, give us a call for garage door repair.

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