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Why Is My Garage Door Noisy? 

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Dealing With a Loud Garage Door?

A loud garage door can be annoying, intruding upon your peace and testing your patience. Your garage door is meant to protect and secure your belongings, not disturb the entire house when you open and close it. When your garage door is making a lot of noise, the only thing on your mind is stopping it, but how do you know where the noise is coming from? Determining why you have a noisy garage door starts by identifying the type of noise your garage door is making. Here are the most common reasons your garage door is noisy, and the causes of the issues. The Garage Door Company is here to help you solve your loud garage door problems.

Grinding Noises 

Does your garage door sound like metal is being rubbed together? This grinding noise is a common complaint we hear from homeowners. Grinding noise can sound like a nightmare when operating your garage door, but the fix is usually simple. In most cases, a garage door making grinding noises is typically caused by too much friction between your parts. Friction between your garage door parts comes from skipping garage door maintenance and tune-ups. Your garage door needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to perform correctly, and when your door goes an extended period of time without attention, it causes loud grinding noises. 

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To stop your garage door from making grinding noises, you should start by lubricating all the moving parts. This will include your garage springs, rollers, hinges, and chain or belt. It is important to only use garage door lube or oil-based lube (NOT WD-40) to avoid stiffening your garage door parts. Once your garage door is thoroughly lubricated, you should schedule a garage door inspection with an experienced garage door technician. 

Rattling Noises 

There are a number of reasons why your garage door is making rattling noises. Rattling noises on a garage door are usually caused by loose nuts or bolts along the track. It is very common for nuts and bolts to loosen over time, especially for frequently used garage doors. Tightening or replacing the loose bolts and nuts should stop the rattling noise.

If your garage door is fairly new (1-5 years old) it should not be making rattling noises. We often hear of new garage doors making rattling noises when they are unbalanced. If you have a new garage door that is unbalanced, this may be a sign of improper installation. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your garage door. 

Like always, if your garage door is not properly maintained, it will make loud, irritating noises such as rattling. To avoid wear and tear on your garage door and prevent unwanted noise, you should regularly lubricate your garage door. 

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Banging Noises 

Banging noises coming from your garage door are a tad bit more serious than rattling or grinding noises. Banging noise can be caused by three things. The first reason why your garage door may be making banging noises is that your door is off track. An off-track garage door can damage your entire garage door system, so you should have your door fixed as soon as possible. 

Broken garage door springs will also cause your garage door to make banging noises. Your torsion springs are responsible for maintaining the weight of your garage door, so when they are broken, your door is not properly supported. Without the necessary support, your garage door will fall without warning, creating a banging or crashing noise. You should schedule a garage door spring replacement as soon as you notice your garage door spring is broken. 

The last reason why your garage door is making a banging noise is because of damaged panels. When your garage door panels have deep dents, it can prevent your door from successfully opening and closing. This causes the panels to bang against the wall or ceiling. If your garage door has dents, you will need to have your damaged panels replaced. 

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We Can Give You a Quiet Garage Door! 

The Garage Door Company is committed to providing high-quality garage door service to Oklahoma City Metro. Our team of well-trained garage door technicians is skilled in a number of garage door repair services, and would be happy to help you with your noisy garage door! Contact The Garage Door Company for all your garage door repair needs!

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