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Garage Door Opener Repair 

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A crucial part of making your garage door open and close is the garage door opener. Your garage door opener is the starting point for your door opening when you use your remote or keypad. Your garage door opener goes through over 1,500 cycles a year, so there’s no question that it will need some repairs along the way.

Here at The Garage Door Company, located in Edmond, OK, we specialize in swift garage door opener repair services. When your garage door is not working how it should, you can call on us, and we’ll take care of your garage door opener repair at an affordable price. Our technicians are well trained on the different types of garage door openers and how to repair them. This includes LiftMaster garage door opener repair and Genie garage door opener repair, as well as many other brands.

We understand the importance of having a well-functioning garage door opener, which is why we keep our trucks fully stocked with all the necessary tools needed to complete a garage door opener repair. When you need a repair for your garage door opener, you can depend on The Garage Door Company to respond quickly! We perform repairs for these types of openers:

  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • WiFi Garage Door Openers 
  • Side Mount Garage Door Openers 
  • Jackshaft Garage Door Openers 
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Openers 
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers
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What Our Customers Say

Jason and his crew are as good as it gets!

Joshua S.

As far as I am concerned, there is only one company to call for anything garage door related. Jason and his crew are as good as it gets!

Great reliable company with excellent customer service!

Kimberly Q.

Great reliable company with excellent customer service! Jason runs his company with integrity and would highly recommend.

He was here within minutes and fixed our garage door.

Amber N.

I called Jason when our garage door wouldn’t open. He was here within minutes, fixed our garage door and the price was beyond fair!

How Do I Know I Need Garage Door Opener Repair?

Garage doors are built with multiple parts that all do something different to open and close the garage door. That’s why it may be tricky to determine if your garage door opener is the issue when it won’t open or close. The biggest sign that you need a garage door opener repair is if your keypad, remote, or mobile app is not working. If your remote or keypad has fresh batteries and your opener is receiving power but won’t operate the door, then it’s likely the opener that needs repair. Other signs that you may need a garage door opener repair are:

  • Your garage door won’t open.
  • Your garage door is making unusual grinding or squeaking noises.
  • Your garage door opens by itself. 
  • Your garage door won’t close. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and stops. 
  • Your garage door reverses when you try to close it. 

If you notice any of the listed problems occurring with your garage door, then you need to schedule a garage door opener repair with your local garage door company. Our expert technicians would be happy to examine your garage door opener and locate why it is not working! You can call us to schedule your garage door repair services with The Garage Door Company today! And if you need a new garage door opener, we offer new garage door opener installation!

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The Garage Door Company is dedicated to providing the Oklahoma City Metro area with quality garage door opener repair. Our garage door professionals are highly knowledgeable about garage door openers, so we’re sure we can take care of your garage door opener repair with speed and efficiency. Whether your garage door opener has broken parts or electrical issues, you can count on us to find the problem and fix it! Contact us today!

Why is my garage door opener flashing? 

If your garage door opener is flashing, there may be an issue with the safety sensors. These garage door sensors are located near the floor on either side of the door opening. If their photo eyes become misaligned, they won’t be able to function, which will send a signal to the opener. The garage door should not be operational when the safety sensors are not working properly. 

A garage door that moves slowly, produces grinding noises, has unreliable movement, or is approaching the age of 15-20 years most likely needs repair or replacement.

Garage door openers can last 15-20 years, depending on the brand you’ve invested in and how often your garage door’s in use. 

We can usually repair an opener motor, but it depends on the condition that it’s in. If it’s too old or damaged, we’ll recommend that you invest in a new garage door opener. 

Wall mount garage door openers attach to the wall instead of the ceiling. This is a great option if you want more ceiling space in your garage. 

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