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Garage Door Spring Replacement 

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Offering Same-Day Garage Door Spring Replacement!

Have you noticed your garage door spring has a break between the coils? Is your garage door making unusual noises? You may need a garage door spring replacement. The Garage Door Company has many years of experience dealing with broken garage door springs and can handle your garage door spring replacement with our same-day service. Having a well-functioning garage door is essential, which is why we move urgently to complete your garage door repair as quickly as possible.

Garage door springs work to maintain your garage door’s weight while it is transitioning up or down. Your garage door springs last 10-15,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 7-14 years. When your garage door springs begin to reach the end of their lifespan, they will become weaker and worn out. When your garage door spring starts showing signs of deteriorating, it puts your door at risk of slamming shut and harming anyone around. This is why you must stop using your garage door at any signs of aging or damage. Call on The Garage Door Company to handle your garage door spring replacement so you don’t have to worry about it!

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Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement 

  • Your garage door springs have a 3-4” gap between the coils. 
  • Your garage door is heavy to open manually. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and then stops. 
  • You notice loose or fallen garage door cables. 
  • Your garage door opens at an angle.
  • Your garage door spring is elongated. 
  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door slams down suddenly. 
  • You hear a loud bang from your garage.

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What Our Customers Say

Installer stayed late to finish the job!!!

Scott P.

Called Monday morning, spring had broken and broke several panels. New door and spring was installed by Tuesday night, installer stayed late to finish the job!!!

Thank you!

Shana D.

Our garage door broke last night. Jason was at our door first thing this morning and had us all fixed up. Thank you! We will def come to you for any garage door issues!!!

Will definitely be recommending him in the future.

David C.

Jason was quick to reply on a Sunday evening and was also able to get us scheduled the very next morning for a broken spring service. Will definitely be recommending him in the future.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break? 


If your garage door springs have a lot of rust build-up, it will cause unnecessary friction on the springs. That extra tension will cause more wear and tear on your garage door springs, meaning they’ll need replacement. Rust build-up can also cause your garage door springs to fully snap, which could be a safety hazard to your vehicle or anyone around.

Wear and Tear

Your garage door opens and closes so many times throughout the years that it causes wear and tear on the springs. Once your garage door springs start reaching the end of their lifespan, they will create more strain on other parts of your garage door, leading to more costly repairs. This is why you should schedule a garage door spring replacement before your springs reach fourteen years old.

Unbalanced Parts

Each part of your garage door works together to ensure safe operation. When you have unbalanced parts, it produces a shift in everything. This shift could cause stress on your garage door springs, resulting in more wear and tear. You should have a professional examine your garage door yearly to ensure each part is where it needs to be.

Poor Maintenance

The best way to ensure the health of your garage door springs is by having routine garage door maintenance. When you fail to have proper maintenance, you miss out on having your springs tightened, lubricated, and cleaned. Poor maintenance also leaves your door vulnerable to undetected issues. We suggest scheduling routine garage door maintenance at least once a year to prolong your garage door spring’s life.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Near You! 

When you need garage door spring replacement, you can count on The Garage Door Company to handle the job for you! We are highly skilled in garage door spring replacements, and we can handle yours quickly. When it comes to your garage door spring replacement, call on a local team you can trust! We serve Edmond, Yukon, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Midwest City, and Mustang, OK!

If your garage door moves slowly, only moves a couple of inches, or slams shut, you need garage door spring repair. When a spring is broken, it causes the garage door to be thrown off balance and puts a lot of pressure on the garage door opener. It’s important that you don’t continue using the garage door with a broken spring.

We strongly recommend that you leave garage door spring replacement to the professionals. It’s a dangerous area of garage repair that could leave you severely injured and could even compromise the safety of your garage door.

Yes, we will normally replace both garage door springs at once, given that they’re installed together. They’ll have the same lifespan, so if one spring breaks, it’s likely that the other will soon follow.

Standard torsion springs are known to last about 10-15,000 cycles, which could be anywhere from 7-14 years.

Maintenance will increase the longevity of your garage door springs. Because garage door springs are under so much stress, they need to be cleaned, lubricated, and tightened every once in a while. If this happens, your springs are sure to last longer and function better.

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