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A qualified garage door repair company near The Village OK is essential for homeowners who want a well-functioning garage door. At The Garage Door Company, we care about the safety of your home as well as the convenience that garage doors provide in your daily life. Garage doors are the primary means of entry and exit for most people, and they are typically used three or more times per day. Your garage door, like any other piece of hardware, will eventually have some wear and tear over time.

When your garage door starts to malfunction, it’s critical to call a local garage door company you can rely on to get the job done right the first time. Our professional garage door repairmen at The Garage Door Company are well equipped and trained to provide garage door repair services in The Village OK. The Garage Door Company has years of professional experience dealing with residential door repair jobs and is prepared to handle any broken garage door situation. Call or text us at (405) 261-8389 to schedule garage door repair near The Village OK today!

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Garage Door Maintenance to Extend a Garage’s Life

When it comes to extending the life of your garage door, preventative maintenance is essential. A garage door tune-up in The Village OK is recommended at least once a year. Your garage door system needs to be thoroughly inspected for any potential problems during a garage door maintenance call. Garage door maintenance entails lubricating and tightening all components. This improves their functionality and contributes significantly to the lifespan of your garage door. When your garage door begins to malfunction, it is critical that you contact a professional in your area. Choose The Garage Door Company for garage door service in and around The Village OK!

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Since our founding, The Garage Door Company in The Village OK has been the number one garage door company for spring replacement. Garage door springs act as the lever, holding your garage door up and helping the door stabilize. The most common cause of a garage door malfunctioning is garage door spring replacement. When you’re in need of residential overhead door spring replacement, let our expert repairmen in The Village OK be of service. We make sure to keep our repairmen fully stocked with the highest volume of garage door repair parts so that when they arrive on-site, they can get your garage door back in working order the very first time. For more information on garage door spring replacement in The Village OK, or to learn more about our other services, give The Garage Door Company a call at (405) 261-8389.

The lifespan of garage door cables is between 7 and 15 years. If you have your garage door maintained, you’ll be able to extend the life of your garage door cables.

Garage door openers are connected to the safety sensors, which are responsible for detecting movement underneath the door. If the sensors become misaligned, they will signal to the opener, which may cause it to flash. The door cannot be in operation when the sensors aren’t working, for safety reasons.

If you notice that your garage door is making strange noises, give our team a call. It’s not a good sign to hear abnormal noises; most likely, your garage door parts are rusted and dirty, which means they need to be cleaned and lubricated. It could also mean that your garage door opener is under too much stress.

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