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5 Great Customization Tips for Your Garage Door


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5 Great Customization Tips for Your Garage Door

5 Great Customization Tips for Your Garage Door

Are you looking for a way to spruce up the outside of your home? Garage door customization options are endless and a great way to let your personality shine while adding to your home’s curb appeal. Whether you add smaller customization options to your existing garage door or opt to go all in with a complete garage door replacement, we’re positive you’ll have a great time designing your dream garage door.

1. Garage Door Styles

A new garage door installation is best for complete control over your garage door customization options. With a brand new garage door, the sky’s the limit, and you’ll get the door of your dreams by customizing a unique garage door with your specific needs in mind. The first step is to choose a garage door style.

Garage Door Styles Available:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Carriage House

garage door customization options

2. Color Customization Options

With nearly two hundred colored powder coating options available, choosing a new color for your garage door is one of the best ways to make your garage door stand out. You can stick with a traditional color or one that matches the rest of your home. Make a statement with a bold or bright color, or one that makes the garage door truly pop. Even wood garage doors have color customization options with varying wood grains, such as mahogany, walnut, oak, and ash.

If you’re painting an existing garage door, you can take this on as a DIY project or hire a local home service company to help.

DIY Garage Door Painting Tips:

  • Choose your paint. Use an exterior primer first and a paint that will hold up in harsh weather conditions, such as acrylic latex exterior house paint or one that is UV resistant and includes rust protection.
  • Wash your garage door with water and a cloth or a power washer if it’s extra dirty.
  • Lay down a tarp or drop cloth to protect your cement/driveway.
  • Check the weather and avoid rainy days.
  • Use painter’s tape to cover areas you don’t want to be painted, such as the garage door frame.
  • Paint in a pattern (left to right, top to bottom) to track which sections have been completed, especially when using more than one coat.

3. Window Customization Options

A garage door customization option that offers countless combinations and choices is the use of windows. Adding windows to your home’s garage door is optional, but many homeowners enjoy the natural light that windows allow. Garage door windows can be frosted, glazed, tempered, and even insulated with tempered glass. If you don’t like the idea of outsiders looking in, frosted or obscure windows are a convenient customization option that will inhibit people from seeing inside.

garage door window customization options

As far as design is concerned, windows (or the lack thereof) add to the character of the garage door and the entire home. If you’re going for a modern look, you may choose a garage door with flushed panels and no windows or decorative hardware at all. If you’d like to add windows, you can choose between square or rectangular windows placed in rows and columns or shaped in an arch design. You can also decide the number of windows with three, four, six, or even eight-pane window designs. Finally, choose where you want the windows placed on the garage door. Some are on the top, in the middle, or along the sides.

4. Decorative Hardware: Hinges & Handles

Depending on the style of your garage door, you may want to add decorative hardware to your door. There are varying designs, colors, shapes, and sizes of garage door hinges, handles, and more. The wonderful thing about these garage door customization options is that you can add them to an existing garage door.

decorative hardware customization options

5. Hidden Garage Door Customization Options

For new garage door installations, there are customization options that aren’t noticeable just by looking but that make a significant difference in the efficiency and convenience of the garage door. Adding extra insulation layers is one way to make your garage door more energy efficient. You can also upgrade a garage door opener to one that offers modern safety and security features, such as smartphone control and monitoring cameras.

Get More Info About Customization Options for Your Garage Door

If you would like more information about garage door customization options for your current garage door or a new garage door installation, our team at The Garage Door Company would love to help! Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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