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Wood Garage Doors

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No two wood garage doors are the same, so it invites many customization options, including shades, finishes, stains, slats, panels, hardware… you name it, wood garage doors are beautiful naturally or with additional enhancements! 

High-quality wood garage doors are what we offer, from top-of-the-line garage door brands we trust. Installing a new wood garage door from The Garage Door Company is the best way to go. 

Wood garage doors are sustainable and better for the environment. You can get treated pest-controlled wood, faux wood, or a naturally seasoned garage door with reclaimed wood. Nothing goes to waste with wood garage doors with their 30-year life expectancy if they’re well maintained.

Real Wood Options

Mahogany – Oak – Pine – Cedar – Fir – Redwood – Aider – Reclaimed Wood

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Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux is a fancy way of saying fake, but with faux wood garage doors you don’t sacrifice quality. They ultimately save you much more money with material costs and installment fees that wood garage doors can rack up.

Faux wood has become a popular garage door material since steel garage doors have evolved to imitate the texture of natural wood grains.

This alternative wood door allows homeowners additional style options like raised panels and recessed panels on top of solid panels.

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Consider Your Location

Real wood garage doors will not do well in particularly wet climates, but they can withstand many weather extremes. Wood garage doors are popular in colder and dry climates due to their low thermal conductivity advantage. 


Homeowners not only love the character and effortless style that wood garage doors present to the face of their home, but they are also the sturdiest and the heaviest garage door material. Homeowners are drawn to the durability that wood garage doors provide. Unlike metal and vinyl garage doors, those made from wood aren’t prone to dents and can resist extreme winds or hail. During manufacturing for some wood types, you can request termite-resistant coating. 


There are no additional reinforcers needed with wood garage doors because they are natural insulators. You won’t have to worry about rising HVAC costs during the colder months because wood does not allow heat to flow through. Wood is an excellent insulator, so this allows for a much more comfortable garage space. You can also opt to use your garage for more than parking your car if you add an extra layer of insulation. 

Make Your Wood Garage Door Last!

With an endless list of options to customize your wood garage door, you can request a door that’s built to last. If you wish for a custom garage door, you can incorporate materials that can withstand years of weathering that will suit your home. 

  • To prevent warping and wood rot, manufacturers use sheets of hardwood instead of a garage door that consists of solid wood.
  • You can also update your wood garage door’s finish by sanding it down and refinishing it with a different paint color or stain.
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How do you clean a wood garage door?

Dilute simple household cleaning solution with warm water, and that will wash away dirt, mildew, and chalk that may have built up on the finish of your wood garage door. If the finish is badly eroded, the Garage Door Company can conduct a garage door replacement. 

How long do wooden garage doors last?

Wooden garage doors can last up to 30 years if you take care of them. With regular maintenance, you can preserve the appearance of your wooden garage door and extend its life expectancy. 

Wooden garage doors can last up to 30 years if you take care of them. With regular maintenance, you can preserve the appearance of your wooden garage door and extend its life expectancy. 

Our garage door experts will help you determine the best R-value for your garage door, taking the climate and your heating and cooling system into consideration.

When you’re selecting a wood garage door, there are many different types of construction for this type of garage door, including solid panel, raised panel, and carriage house-style.

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